why is it so important to have a proper-fitting sports bra?

The biggest reason why you should wear a proper-fitting sports bra is comfort. A runner should never think about her breasts while running. This is a key indication that the sports bra isn't fitting properly. A poor-fitting sports bra can hinder performance and ruin your entire workout experience. If the sports bra is too tight, it can result in chafing and prevent proper breathing. A sports bra that is too loose won't provide the right amount of support to reduce breast movement. Try on a sports bra as you would running shoes. While testing out the sports bra, you shouldn't feel bounce or pressure against your chest wall.

How to find the perfect sports bra ?

First you need to find out what size sports bra you actually wear by going through a professional fitting.

Straps : They shouldn’t be too tight or dig into your shoulders. If the straps are providing a majority of the support, the sports bra isn’t the right fit. Adjustable straps provide a customizable fit.

Band : As the foundation of the bra, the band should fit against your ribcage. Take a deep breath to make sure the bra fits comfortably. Look for a wide band with strong elastic to provide necessary support.

Cups : Your breasts should be fully covered and should not be pouring out of the top. The fabric should be smooth with no wrinkles.

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